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Medical Specialties – Internal Medicine

September 1, 2015

As a physician board certified in internal medicine, Dr. John Lupiano treated patients through his private practice in New York City. Specialists like Dr. John Lupiano and his peers, commonly referred to as “internists,” develop expertise related to the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of adult illnesses.

Before becoming internists, doctors must undergo internal medicine residencies that usually last three years. During those crucial years, physicians gain hands-on experience treating adults in inpatient and outpatient clinical environments.

Moreover, internists may choose to subspecialize in one of many of fields, including endocrinology, genetics, infectious disease, and sports medicine. However, subspecializing requires training in addition to the internal medicine residency. This training, called a fellowship, can take up to four years, depending on type of subspecialty.

Once finished with their postgraduate education, internists have several career paths open to them. For instance, they can begin private practices or become hospitalists, a designation for internists who treat patients solely in hospital settings.


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