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Just attended a meeting at the NY Athletic club. Definitely a first rate venue.


PPIs may be linked to an increased risk of CKD, study reveals

ABC World News Tonight (4/14, story 10, 0:25, Muir) reported that a study has linked “proton pump inhibitors including Nexium [esomeprazole magnesium] and Prilosec [omeprazole] to an increased risk of chronic kidney disease [CKD].”

According to CNN (4/14, Christensen), some “173,321 people who used PPIs and 20,270” who “took a PPI alternative known as histamine H2 receptor blockers” were included in the five-year study.

The CBS News (4/14, Welch) website reports that “over five years of follow-up…15 percent of people using PPIs were diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, versus 11 percent of those on H2-blockers,” which “translated to a 28 percent increased risk of developing kidney disease for PPI users.” While just “a few patients in the study – less than 0.2 percent – developed end-stage kidney failure..the risk was 96 percent higher for those on PPIs.” The study was published online in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Clay courts opening next week. Played tennis outdoors today at 119th Riverside. Somewhat crowded, but only needed to wait until the change of hour to get a court.

Parent-Teacher conferences at Bronx Science today were not very crowded and moved along very quickly.

The line at Trader Joe’s was practically out the door, but moved surprisingly fast.

Great ski conditions at Hunter Mountain this past weekend. Some runs very powdery, others hard pack, depending where they were blowing snow.

Insulation work at the Columbia tennis center done. Was very warm as a result, even in the early AM. A big improvement.